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If you are able to empathise with people who are disadvantaged due to disability and who become isolated and cut off from community, please volunteer for CASS.

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Services Pricing

Our prices are constantly under review and may vary from time to time. Please note that not every service we offer is covered on our pricing list as some services can only be determined after an assessment visit. If you cannot find a price for the service you require on our pricing list please call us for an assessment.

Assistance for the Disabled and Elderly

We provide practical assistance for disabled and elderly clients regarding looking after the environment i.e. mowing lawns, planting flowers and general cleaning of the environment. In the past we have stated that these services are free but there is now a subsidised charge for some of our other services such as painting and decorating, minor repairs, DIY, removals and recycling.

Clients requesting form filling assistance such as benefit application forms or require advice that instigates detailed case work will also incur a small charge.

These charges are necessary as we do not have funding to do detailed advice or case work.

Advice, Advocacy and Support

We provide telephone and face-to-face advice on welfare benefits, housing, debt, social services and disabled access requirement. Clients are signposted to other organisations where we are unable to assist them.

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Assistance for the disabled and elderly